Meet Nathan Crane


I’m Nathan Crane- the one behind everything that happens with Nathan Crane Productions! If you can’t tell, I love photography and videography! In December of 2016 I was a second shooter for a wedding in the North Carolina mountains as a favor for a friend and immediately fell in love with it! I am fascinated with the process of capturing, framing, lighting, and putting together a story about life that is happening around me! Since that point, I have worked tirelessly to get better at what I shoot, edit, and put out because I want the best for those I work with! Alongside of running Nathan Crane Productions, I am double majoring in Russian and Media Arts at the University of South Carolina! As I am on track to graduate Spring of 2020 and plan to be able to work right off the bat in media around South Carolina and beyond!

If you want to know more about me, what I shoot, or anything else, please reach out and I will be happy to answer as soon as I can! Until then,


Nathan Crane


This awesome photo was taken by Sam Weldin- go check out his work


Nathan Crane Productions is a professional videography and photography business based out of South Carolina. After building his business from the ground up, Crane has now made a name for himself, with dozens of satisfied clients every year. With reaches that extend across the Atlantic ocean, Crane offers a fresh look into how each and every couple's unique story and wedding day can be captured.

Experience: Nathan Crane Productions has been operating for 3 years, specifically focusing on wedding videography. His clientele has increased exponentially since then as his own personal style was developed and perfected. As he has filmed weddings all across the Southeast, Crane is uniquely qualified and can fit his vision to match any couple and make their dreams come true for their special day.

Services Offered: Currently, Nathan Crane Productions offers several separate packages to fit any couple's specific desires. These packages include a variety of services ranging from a full day recapitulation of the ceremony and reception to a highlights video of particular, special moments. Depending on the financial need of the wedding party, Nathan Crane Productions is willing to work with any couple to make their vision come true.

Areas Covered: Although based in South Carolina, Nathan Crane Productions is travel ready and able to film in any Southeast location and beyond.

Professional, Compact, Travel-Ready

My favorite cameras

Canon C100 MKII

Canon 80D

DJI Mavic Pro

My favorite audio capture gear

Sennheiser ME66 Shotgun Mic

Sennheiser EW100G2 Lavalier

My favorite lenses

Canon 17-40/F4

Rokinon 35mm/F1.4

Sigma 70-200mm/F2.8